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When your future is uncertain, Klausner | Johnson will provide you with clarity during even the most ambiguous of times. Our team of compassionate legal advocates is backed by many years of experience. We are dedicated to preserving your rights and providing reliable, caring counsel at every step of the way. Whether we are handling a family law case or defending a client from criminal charges, we always adopt a client focused approach in order to create the most effective strategies possible. Discover how we can be of service to you.


Why Clients Choose Us?

We care for our clients inside and outside the courtroom. Our firm hires only the best family law attorneys who have the experience, knowledge, and wherewithal to best assist our clients through this process. Our end-goal is that our clients feel as though they were treated like family, got the best representation possible, and received it all at a fair price.

No matter which side of the coin our client lands on, our attorneys are here to help. We can potentially eliminate the heavy burden that is commonly felt during this process.  Our attorneys have been trained to be up front and honest with each situation as to ensure  we are guiding our clients in the right direction. 

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We Are Dedicated To Providing The Utmost In Quality Service To Our Clients

The Attorneys at Klausner | Johnson can help you understand your situation, make an informed decision about choosing a path forward, and help you resolve your issues quickly. Our goal is to meet, and exceed, our clients’ expectations, and to do so professionally, respectfully, and honorably.